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This web application has been developed in a collaboration between Karolinska Institutet, Pierre and Marie Curie University and Genevia Technologies Oy.

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Karolinska Institutet is one of the world’s foremost medical universities. Its vision is to make a significant contribution to the improvement of human health; Its mission is to conduct research and education and to interact with the community. As a university, KI is Sweden’s single largest centre of medical academic research and offers the country’s widest range of medical courses and programmes. Since 1901 the Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet has selected the Nobel laureates in Physiology or Medicine.

  • Karolinska Institutet
  • SE-171 77 Stockholm, Sweden
  • Web: www.ki.se

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Pierre and Marie Curie University (French: Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie; abbreviated UPMC), also known as University of Paris VI, is a public research university and was established in 1971 following the division of the University of Paris (Sorbonne), and is a principal heir to Faculty of Sciences of the Sorbonne, although it can trace its roots back to 1109 and the Abbey of St Victor. The university is located on the Jussieu Campus in the Latin Quarter of the 5th arrondissement of Paris, France. UPMC is the largest scientific and medical complex in France, active in many fields of research with scope and achievements at the highest level, as demonstrated by the many awards regularly won by UPMC researchers, and the many international partnerships it maintains across all five continents. Several university rankings have regularly put UPMC at the 1st place in France, and it has been ranked as one of the top universities in the world.

  • Pierre and Marie Curie University
  • 4 Place Jussieu, 75005 Paris, France
  • Web: www.upmc.fr

Analysis of p53 mutations heterogeneity in human tumours. The objective of our group is to understand how alterations of the TP53 tumour suppressor gene contribute to the heterogeneity of the clinical manifestation of human cancer using a multidisciplinary approach combining clinical, in silico and basic studies.

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Genevia Technologies has implemented the design and functionality of this web application.

Genevia Technologies is a privately held Finnish bioinformatics company established in 2011. We provide easy access to latest next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics methods by offering a wide range of custom services. Our head office is located in Tampere, Finland, and we operate actively in Scandinavia, Central Europe and North America.

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  • Web: www.genevia.fi
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